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Michael K. Campbell is the president of OverAchiever Productions, a consultancy dedicated to technical evangelism, mentoring, and quality solutions. Michael specializes in SQL Server, ASP.NET, IIS, .NET and related technologies. He has been a professional developer, web master, and a production DBA for serveral well-known companies. He enjoys learning, problem-solving, and teaching. Michael is an ASPInsider, and has written articles for a variety of magazines and web sites including SQL Server Magazine and the ASPAlliance.com. He is active on the SQLAdvice.com newsgroups and enjoys helping others. Michael lives in picturesque Sandpoint, Idaho with his wife and four children.

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Code download should be fixed now.

Great point - if you're deleting large amounts of data, the log file WILL grow quite a bit.

But rather than manually backing up your log file as part of this process, I'd recommend just ensuring that you're regularly backing up your log file, making sure you've got enough space to handle a larger operation, and then just keeping an eye on the operation as you go. (Start by making a small number of deletes until you've got a good feel for what kinds of log space this will require.)

And yes, switching your DB into SIMPLE Recovery would typically be a bad idea.

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