Ad-hoc Reporting

Ad-hoc Reporting

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Need a quick way to export data returned by SQL Queries to a non-technical user, but don't want to have to set up a complex reporting package? In this video tutorial we'll show you how to quickly and easily configure SQL Server Query Analyzer and SQL Server Management Studio to export query results than can be painlessly imported into Microsoft Excel. Use this handy trick to provide co-workers or clients with the adh-hoc data they need - without giving them access to your production servers or without requiring them to learn T-SQL.

This Video Covers

Reporting, Query Output, Query Analyzer, and SQL Server Management Studio.


Video Length: 08:27
Skill Level: 100 - Beginner
Series: Tips and Tricks
Author/Presenter: Michael K. Campbell
Applies to SQL Server: 2000, 2005, and 2008

Tags: Tips and Tricks, Easy, Reporting, and T-SQL


Analyst 50
DBA 15
Developer 32
Manager 3


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thanks its a great video

xxd4v3gxx - June 09, 2009.

Atleast now i now exporting data to an excel for a start...!!! Thanks.

- December 13, 2009.

It is great presentation and very good clarity of the video and I really appreciate for that.

Sai - January 14, 2010.

good thing

sand - March 17, 2010.

Unbelievably Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Shariqu - May 29, 2010.


- August 16, 2010.

Its mind blowing..Thanks for this video

- September 08, 2010.

excellent video quality and good presentation.... keep it up...:)

shiva - January 08, 2011.

It was shortly and to the point but great! Thanks

Tysap - March 17, 2011.

excellent , lot of thanks

Shastri - September 10, 2011.

Thanks for the great video :)

- September 22, 2011.

Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days struglging

Hank - October 04, 2011.

thank you.very good

neda - February 18, 2012.

thanks good one

Satya - March 26, 2012.


vijay - April 24, 2012.


- June 12, 2012.

That's what I call an excellent tutorial - addresses the problem of exporting sql data to excel, shows two ways to do it (depending on the user's tools) and throws a few relevant tips in along the way. Two thumbs up!

rama - June 18, 2013.

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