Date and Time Data Types in SQL Server 2008

Date and Time Data Types in SQL Server 2008

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SQL Server 2008 introduced a number of new date and time data types. In this video you'll learn about these new data types, see some of the common traits that they share, and learn about changes and additions to intrinsic T-SQL date and time functions that have been provided to make working with these new data types that much easier.

This Video Covers

T-SQL, SQL Server 2008, Date and Time, Data Type Precision, T-SQL Date and Time Functions.


Video Length: 08:54
Skill Level: 200 - Intermediate
Series: What's New in SQL Server 2008
Author/Presenter: Michael K. Campbell
Applies to SQL Server: 2008

Tags: Development, and T-SQL


Analyst 10
DBA 45
Developer 35
Manager 10


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